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Q. How to join

A. Please call or drop by any local Urban Active for details and promotions.

Q. Where does Urban Active work

A. Urban Active currently has gyms in Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Nebraska,
and Georgia with additional states coming soon. To get the health and fitness center nearest you check the Locations Tab
on the Urban Active Webpage.

Q. What sorts of memberships does Urban Active offer

A. Urban Active
offers 3 basic membership types, Paid in Full, Term or Month to Month. Please visit the Memberships Tab for the
Urban Active Webpage for more info.

Q. Can one utilize all Urban Active facilities with my Membership


A. Please make reference to your Membership Agreement. Urban Active offers "All Club" memberships which grants access to all of
our facilities or "Home Club" only access in case you love their local gymnasium.

Q. I lost
my key tag. What will i do

A. In the event you lose your key tag please bring a current
photo ID towards the front desk of one's health and fitness center to obtain a new one. A $5. 00
replacement fee is going to be assessed.

Q. Am i allowed to change my "Home Club"

Please speak to the Customer Service Staff your local facility it you wish to request your house Club Transfer or
Upgrade to any or all Club Access. Please note a fee could be related to these requests.


Q. Exactly what are my payment options

A. The Month-to-month and Term memberships require billing to get on your account
for recurring monthly premiums. Please note your membership will likely be be subject to a late fee if your payment
is received after your Contract bill date.

Q. How do you update my billing information

A. In
order to improve your member billing information please visit your neighborhood Urban Active fitness center and complete a Member Change
Form. You will need to bring your new billing information with you to accomplish this update. Please remember that it
up to 1 month to your new billing information to become updated.

Separate Member Change Forms will likely be
needed for each membership you are purchasing if you aren't the principle account holder for the Family Membership Plan.


Q. I've got a Family Plan with 4 people and my child just left for college. Does this
lower my rate

A. Your rate won't lower every time a Family Plan member cancels unconditionally.

Q. When can
one cancel my membership

A. Reference your Membership Agreement for details. Generally, you may cancel a Paid entirely or Term
Membership for move, medical reasons or if you are paying a young cancellation payment (buy-out). Forms for Move, Medical and
Military cancellations are proviced below for each and every state we work with. Depending on your Membership Agreement, a fee
are usually necessary to process your cancellation request. Supporting documentation is required to process move/medical cancellation. The effective cancellation date
is based about the date your cancellation/proof is submitted, not the date you stop using/attending the health club.

recommend submitting your Move, Medical, and Military cancellation requests via certified mail to make sure receipt. Any other cancellation requests
might be processed by visiting the club you registered in. We further recommend retaining a copy to your records.


KY Cancellation Form
OH Cancellation Form
TN Cancellation Form
NE Cancellation Form
PA Cancellation Form
NC Cancellation Form
Cancellation Form
Medical Release Form

Q. Exactly what do I expect to happen once i submit
a cancellation notice

A. All cancellations (except move, medical and buy-out) are susceptible to a One month written notice policy
ahead of the following billing date. Depending on your Membership Agreement, you might be billed up to two more billing
cycles buy diflucan online. Your use of the facility will continue active before the conclusion with the final billing
month. For more info please refer to your Membership Agreement.

Please note a cancellation fee are usually necesary based
on your Membership Agreement to be able to process your cancellation request. If this payment just isn't made at the
facility it's going to be charged upon receipt from the corporate office.

Q. I enrolled in a
Term Membership - what do I want to do to continue Suppose I would not want to continue

A .
Generally, the phrase Memberships Agreements will automatically renew following the scheduled term. Certain restrictions may apply according to state regulations;
view your Membership Agreement for details. The renewal is over a every month basis and permits continued entry to one
of your clubs. If you don't need to continue after your Term expires - see "When am i allowed to
cancel my membership"

Q. Am I allowed to bring a guest with me at night once i exercise


A. There is often a daily guest fee of $15. 00 or possibly a weekly fee of $35. 00. Some
restrictions do sign up for guests so please see any local Urban Active Health club for details.


Q. How do you get a Guest Pass

A. Check our website for printable Guest Passes or ask one of
several Fitness Counselors for your local Urban Active. Please observe that some restrictions do apply buy diovan online.


Q. How to contact Urban Active Customer service

A. Please see the local Customer care Representative for your
club or call one of your clubs directly.

Q. How could i get yourself a Group Fitness
Schedule for my location

A. Please visit the audience Fitness Tab on the Urban Active Homepage for schedules and sophistication
descriptions for your gymnasium.

Q. How to enroll in Fitness

Please visit or call your local Urban
Active facility to schedule an orientation session. To obtain more information on Fitness packages available go to the non-public Training
Tab on this webpage.

Q. How could i find out which locations have Playroom facilities.

You could call any local Urban Active or select your region on our website for details.

At the age of can my child join

A. Children 12 a number of older are able to figure out
inside facility.

Q. When can I cancel our Training Agreement

A. Refer to your Membership Agreement for
details. Generally, you could possibly cancel a Paid fully or Term Personal Training Agreement for move, medical reasons or by
paying an early on cancellation payment (buy-out). Depending on your Membership Agreement an administrative fee is usually necessary to process
your cancellation requests. Supporting documentation is necessary to process move/medical cancellation. The effective cancellation date will be based on for
the date your cancellation/proof is submitted, not the date you stop using fitness services.

Q. How long
must i use my PT sessions

A. All Fitness sessions must be used within the contract term.


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Historical cases exist where direct debit accounts remain debited following your member has cancelled their membership buy atenolol online.

In a July 2004 study comparing Fitness First along with other Australian gyms, Fitness First respondents were not as
likely to own been shown how to use equipment by a qualified staff member, offered a workout assessment or advised
with an appropriate exercise routine. [5]

In August 2008, Fitness First took a golf club member to the Australian New
South Wales (NSW) Supreme Court to recuperate a $200 cancellation fee. A legal court ruled in favor of Fitness First,
although she couldn't manage to pay and wasn't any longer able to use a health club on medical grounds. [6]
The sufferer explained her medical problem prior to you signing up and was instructed to sign the contract. Fitness First
sought action to ensure that gym contracts with clients were still legally valid get the job done court were to
realize that the customer would not know what she or he had signed. [7] Fitness First's victory on appeal overturned
an earlier decision up against the company by the NSW Consumer, Trader and Tenancy Tribunal, which have found out that
an agreement required a "meeting in the minds, for the reason that both fully know and understand the conditions and
terms from the agreement". [7] The Supreme Court found that the Tribunal had erred in just law. The goal of
running the appeal ended up being correct an obvious mistake in law manufactured by the NSW Consumer Trade and Tenancy
Tribunal as well as in absolutely no way to punish or pursue the member. No action whatsoever has or will
likely be taken from the individual member involved.

In March 2009, an exercise First trainer allegedly attacked a member
from a dispute about closing times, pushing him down a flight of stairs. The member spent the night in hospital
with a broken nose and seven stitches for the forehead from a deep gash. Police are investigating. The police investigation
discovered that the allegations were entirely baseless and without foundation. [8]

In May 2009, the Australian Consumer magazine Choice found
Fitness First to achieve the most aggressive psychological techniques in getting customers to sign complicated contracts instead of explaining what
are the cancellation policy is, in a very test involving "shadow shoppers" visiting two gyms run by Fitness First, Contours,
Fernwood, Curves and Virgin Active. [9]

Fitness First worked the Clear language Campaign to increase refine its fine print on
January 8 and have both all to easy to understand and straightforward.

Fitness First employs a commercial collection agency
company called CARS in britain which uses text messages and silent messages or calls to gather arrears from members who
may have fallen into arrears on their payments or cancelled payments using their finance institutions without cancelling their memberships prior
to their legally contractual obligations.

[edit] References.

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